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Frequently Asked Questions

European Union Emergeny Measures for Coniferous
Non-Manufactured Wood Packing Material

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What is Non-Manufactured Wood Packing?
Why is NMWP being regulated by the European Union?
Will I Be Affected?
What Happens if My NMWP Does Not Comply with the EU's Requirements?
What are the member states of the European Union?
Who will enforce the European Union emergency measures?
What are the emergency measures adopted by the European Union?
Will other documentation (certificates, statements on bills of lading, etc.) be required for movement of NMWP to Europe?
Are the EU countries requiring documentation to identify non-regulated packing materials, such as pallets manufactured of hard wood, oriented strand board, plastics, etc.?
What will USDA do to facilitate compliance with the EU emergency measures?
The EU emergency measures have provisions for fumigation and for chemical pressure impregnation (CPI). Will these options be available?
What happens with regards to the thousands of pallets, cable spools, etc. currently in use or in inventory?
What is the status of NMWP received from Europe?
How will NMWP shipped via a third country be handled?
What is the effective date of the EU decision?
What role will the exporters play in the process?
How will freight forwarders be involved?
How can I be sure my product is properly packed?
How will lumber shipments be affected?
Will items made of wood (besides NMWP) be affected?
Is APHIS going develop a heat treatment certificate like the one used for China?
Do any other countries regulate nonmanufactured wood packing?
What are the differences between the EU emergency measures and the International Standard?
Who Should I Contact for Additional Information?

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Last updated October 1, 2001

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